Improved Oil Recovery

Improved Oil Recovery (IOR) chemicals and services delivered by Cheshmandaz Energy Kimiya Co. can maximize recovery by using high quality materials and patented technologies with excellent track records and years of field experience.

Offerings (IOR/Flow Assurance):

  • Organic/ Paraffinic deposit removal and Treatment (asphaltene, wax)
  • Inorganic scale deposit removal and Treatment
  • In-situ emulsion treatment
  • Napthenic and gamut solid removal treatment
  • Mud cake and drilling fluid damage removal
  • Relative permeability improvement for water cut reduction

  • Our capability that differentiate us from the others is our customized chemical formulation to suit each of our client's different needs, low chemical blending cost and supply, modular pumping services and coiled tubing services. Our team are also consist of specialist in sub-surface studies to give consultation to our client with regards to choosing the best solution to increase their oil and gas production.

    Our products for production enhancement solution includes:

  • SuperFluid Series: Nano emulsion formulations of non-hydrocarbon solvent, IFT reducing surfactants, demulsifying surfactant and water-wetting agent.
  • SafeFluid Series: Blends of specialty inorganic salts that will readily convert carbonate and sulphate scales, drilling filter cakes and iron deposits either into soluble ions or well dispersed particles.
  • SafeFlow V1: Newly developed stimulation fluid to replace the use of mud acid for the matrix stimulation.
  • Maxflo HT: Non-acid matrix stimulation fluid developed to replace the common use of HCL which range from 15 to 28% in concentration normally used to stimulate carbonate formation.

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