Production Chemicals

Cheshmandaz Energy Kimiya Co. is the manufacturer and supplier of vast range of specialty chemicals and engineered solutions for the oil and gas industry. We have team of experienced chemists and field engieers that work together to find the best solutions for our client specific needs.

For production chemicals, our product offerings includes:

  • Drag reducing agent
  • Crude specific demulsifier and sludge breaker formulation
  • Crude specific PPD and wax inhibitor formulations
  • Paraffin dispersant
  • Water dispersible corrosion inhibitor
  • Oil soluble water dispersible corrosion inhibitor
  • Wet gas corrosion inhibitor
  • Oil soluble corrosion inhibitor
  • Carbonate scale inhibitor
  • Barium and strontium scale inhibitor
  • Biocides
  • Kinetic hydrate inhibitor
  • Hydrogen sulfide scavenger
  • Pipeline degreaser
  • Water flood treatment chemicals
  • Tank de-sludging chemicals
  • Asphaltene point depressant
  • Alkaline descaler for carbonate, sulfate and barium sulfate scales

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